North Star Community Services Privacy Policy Statement

North Star Community Services has a firm commitment to your privacy. We have been providing services to people with disabilities since 1975 and guard their privacy and yours.

As happens with internet sites, the web server we use records the IP address of visitor to this site, telling which domain you visited from (for example, but not your e-mail address or other private or personalinformation. This information only helps our web server host diagnose problems with servers and understand what domains visitors are coming from. Those who may choose to register through various forms on our site may give us certain information (such as their e-mail address).

Unless you “opt out” we may use this contact information to send you additional information about North Star Community Services and its programs. Your voluntarily provided contact information may also be used to contact you when necessary to resolve customer service issues or answer questions. You may readily opt out of receiving future communications by checking the appropriate box.

Our site uses a contribution pledge form for visitors who choose to make pledges. Information comes only to the Development Director. In no case do we share your personal information (address, etc.) with others except our own Development Office staff to process donations/pledges and provide receipts. You may request at that time to have your pledge be “anonymous,” in which case we will not put your name in our Newsletter or Annual Report recognition of donors.