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North Star is celebrating 45 years of making a difference!

Since 1975 North Star Community Services, a non-profit rehabilitative services agency serving Northeast, North Central, and parts of Central Iowa, has been empowering people with disabilities to "realize potential, pursue dreams, and enjoy life." Whether it is someone with a dream to live independently in the community, or someone who wants to lead a more interactive, meaningful life - North Star is there to lend support and create opportunties.

We are looking for you!!


If you are a compassionate, responsible, hardworking, self-starter who is looking for a job with flexible hours, competitive wages, friendly environment, and personal rewards, we have the right job for you!

North Star is seeking Direct Support Professionals to provide essential support to help people with disabilities live a great life in the community.

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To learn more, visit our Careers page!

Message from the Executive Director

To: Persons Served, Parents, Guardians, and Concerned Others

Re: Day Program Re-Opening Follow-Up

North Star Community Services day programs have been open for several weeks now, and we have been enjoying seeing our friends again. Things are going well, and we are pleased with the safety measures that have been implemented to minimize the risk of exposure to those attending the programs, as well as to our employees.

In light of the recent news of continued positive COVID-19 cases, we just want to remind you of your role in preventing the exposure and spread of COVID-19 specifically as it relates to North Star Community Services.

If you, a caregiver, or a member of your household is: experiencing symptoms, being tested for COVID-19, or has tested positive for COVID-19, please stay home and notify your day program designee immediately. Your day program representative will provide you additional information on your return as we learn more about the circumstances of potential exposure.

Please do not take this request lightly. Our day programs are congregate settings where the risk of spreading the virus is very high, and many of the persons who attend are at increased risk for serious illness. North Star has implemented intense disinfectant and sanitation procedures, and promotes social distancing; however, it will take EVERYONE taking precautions to prevent the virus from entering North Star’s front doors.

As a reminder, here are the safety procedures we have asked you to participate in:

  • Consumers (or their caregiver) will be expected to check their temperatures, and monitor for signs of illness prior to leaving their home to attend their North Star day program.
    • Temperature is defined as 100.4 degrees or higher
    • Symptoms of illness include, but are not limited to: cough, shortness of breath, nausea, lack of taste/smell, headache, etc.
  • Temperatures will be checked again before entering the day program. If a temperature is present, the residential provider or family member will be contacted to pick the person up immediately.
  • If a temperature or symptom of illness exists, the person is not to attend the day program. The person will not be allowed to return for 14 days and must be fever-free for a full 72 hours prior to returning.
  • Masks - Consumers/persons served are encouraged to wear a mask if able (this is not required, only encouraged if able)
  • It is of the utmost importance that all of us continue to put practices in place to prevent the risk of exposure to those attending a North Star day program, and requires your active participation to follow these guidelines as well.

    Thank you for your support and cooperation!

    Valerie L. Schwager

    Executive Director

    For details regarding safety measures, cleaning regimes, and visitors...

    Mask vs. No Mask

    View this video for an interesting scientific demonstration about why wearing a mask is so important.

    Why wear a mask?

    Safety First!

    View these videos below for the steps and safety measures North Star is putting into place as we prepare to re-open our day programming.

    Social Distancing & Why!

    WELCOME BACK to Waterloo Day Hab!

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    WELCOME BACK to the Waverly Center!