What is Newel Post?

Newel Post is an adult day care center that has been providing adult day services for mature adults living in and around the Cedar Valley since 1975. Have you considered adult day care for your aging parent, grandparent, or spouse? We are here to help!

Why choose adult day care?

Consider utilizing Newel Post when a senior:

  • can no longer structure his/her own activities
  • is isolated and desires companionship
  • can't be safely left alone at home
  • lives with a caregiver who works outside the home or needs respite to attend to their own needs or the needs of other family members
  • needs support to continue living independently in the community

Benefits for the senior:

  • a safe and secure environment to spend the day
  • enjoyable and educational activities
  • improvement in mental & physical health
  • enhanced or maintained level of independence
  • socialization & peer support
  • affordable

Benefits for the caregiver:

  • peace of mind
  • time to meet obligations
  • getting a much needed break


For the individual who stays all day, the fees are only $60: compare that to nearly $200/day for a nursing home or $21 per hour for in-home care!

Where is Newel Post?

Located on Tiffany Place (off of Greenhill Rd.) in Waterloo, Iowa

Who should I call for more information?

Call Dawn Powers at (319) 234-1391

The great things people say about Newel Post:

"This is just a note to tell you how much my family and I appreciate all that you do for my father and the others at the center. I call him once a week to chat and always ask about what fun things heís been doing. He always has great things to say, especially how nice you all are. Itís such a relief to hear that. Most of us no longer live in Iowa, so we canít be there for Dad as much as weíd like. Itís such a comfort to know that heís in such good hands. I canít imagine how scary and frustrating Dadís quick decline has been for him, so having a friendly face and kind words can really help keep his spirit up. Thank you for that.Ē

CLICK HERE to see a sample daily calendar from Newel Post