Mission Statement

North Star Community Services empowers each person to realize potential, pursue dreams, and enjoy life.

Who we are

We are a local, private, non-profit rehabilitative services agency providing adult day services and supported community living services so individuals with disabilities are better able to live enriched, meaningful, productive, and independent lives in our communities.

Our Programs

1. Adult Day Habilitation Services
2. Supported Community Living Services
3. Newel Post Senior Adult Day Services
4. Canterbury Center Day Services (formerly known as the Head Injury Program)

CARF Accreditation

North Star is accredited by CARF for:
- Community Integration
- Supported Living

DIA Licensed

North Star is licensed by Iowa Department of Inspection & Appeals for:
- Newel Post Adult Day Services
- Canterbury Adult Day Services

How You Can Benefitů

- A person with a disability can realize their potential and pursue their dream of living as independently as possible in the community.

- Caregivers can take a break while their loved one stays active, socializes with peers, and has a fun and interesting day in a safe and caring place.

- We are person-centered. We listen and put the individual's and family's needs and concerns first.

- Services can begin immediately following initial intake.

- Fees for services are reasonable. There are also many sources of funding assistance available for those who need it.

- We offer high quality, fully accredited, and licensed services.

- Adult Day Services, such as Newel Post, cost an average of 70-80% less than nursing home care, plus people using day services can return home at the end of the day.

Our Board of Directors:

  • Frank Darrah, President
  • Kim Eastland, Vice-President
  • Jay Schares, Past-President
  • Jeff Danielson
  • Rob Duryea
  • Beth Harris
  • Carolyn Martin
  • Alvina Olson
  • James Rozendaal
  • Vicki Schueler
  • Kelly Turner
  • Craig White