Be a part of North Star's family

Can I be a volunteer?

A volunteer can be any friendly individual who wants to share their time and talents with people who have a disability. Anyone can contribute to help brighten someone's day!

Would I enjoy volunteering?

We believe that volunteering should be fun!! At North Star you become a part of our caring family. Come and take a look at our programs and decide how and where you would most enjoy volunteering.

When can I volunteer?

Our programs are open Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm. You can visit as often as you wish. Some people come weekly or monthly, and others only occasionally, or for a special project.

Where can I volunteer?

North Star has three locations at which to volunteer in Waterloo, depending upon where your interest lies. One on University Avenue,one on Tiffany Place (off of Greenhill Rd.), and one on Canterbury Court (off of Kimball Ave.).

North Star also has a location in Waverly where you can volunteer.

What can I do?

Here some ideas:

  • Assist with game/project
  • Play musical instruments
  • Help in the garden
  • Talk about/play a sport
  • Share a hobby or talent
  • Read or tell a story
  • Help fundraise
  • Bring a pet to visit
  • Teach a craft
  • Do hairstyling or nail care
  • Lead a discussion
  • Help on a field trip
  • Bring a group to visit
  • Share a collection
  • Take pictures
  • Perform: sing, dance, etc.

The possibilities are endless and we would love to hear your ideas!

How can I get started?

Simply call Jodie at (319) 236-0901, ext. #304 or e-mail Volunteer Inquiry