What is unique about North Star Community?

North Star Community Services provides exemplary services to people with a very wide range of disabilities. We serve elders with age-related disabilities, adults and youth with the full range of developmental and other physical and mental disabilities, including traumatic brain injury.

Where do North Star Community Service's customers come from?

In Fiscal Year 2016, 574 individuals we served came from 31 counties in Iowa. Part of the reason we serve people from so many counties outside Northeast, North Central, and Central Iowa is due to our Brain Injury Program, a Leisure program that accepts people with traumatic brain injuries from all over the state. For more information on our Brain Injury Program, call (319) 236-3581 and ask for Pat Becker.

Where does the funding of North Star Community Services come from?

Each program has a different array of funding sources. Briefly, they include the following (order does not indicate rank or amount):

Funding for Adult Day Services: Medicaid's Home and Community Based Services waivers, Alzheimer's Assn., Veterans Administration, Self/Private pay, Sponsorship Fund (from donations), intermediate care facility, county of legal settlement.

Funding for Supported Community Living Services: Medicaid's Home and Community Based Services waivers, county of legal settlement, Self/Private Pay, HCBS Habilitation Waiver and Merit Behavioral Health.

Donations: Gifts from individuals, civic and religious organizations, businesses, and foundations are always welcome! Donations help us purchase and repair equipment, provide funds for special projects, and in special cases, to provide emergency sponsorships until regular funding is obtained.

Is North Star Community Services a Cedar Valley United Way or Marshalltown United Way organization?

NO. North Star Community Services is not a recipient of United Way funds. However, on occasion, North Star's Waverly Center has received small grants from the Waverly-Shell Rock Area United Way to fund special projects.

Why and how did North Star Community Services begin?

Forty-two years ago, older adults with age-related disabilities were increasing in number in the area, thanks to improved life-expectancy and medical care. Services that could prevent premature nursing home placement for frail older adults and provide a break for their caregivers were urgently needed. An adult day care center, a new concept at the time, was considered an ideal solution. Volunteer leadership headed by a Junior League Task Force and other civic-minded volunteers, along with the Hawkeye Valley Area Agency on Aging (now known as NEI3A) -- which served as the registered office and sponsor -- organized and opened the Newel Post Adult Day Care Center, in the Calvary United Methodist Church on the corner of E. 4th and Newell Streets in Waterloo in 1975, under the "umbrella" of Adults Care, Inc. (the original name of North Star Community Services).

When did North Star Community Services begin serving young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities?

In 1977 we began serving young adults. We opened Key VII in 1977, because "parents and representatives of various community groups met to discuss overcrowding at River Hills School." At the time, young adults with severe-to-moderate developmental and intellectual disabilities who were graduating from River Hills School were not eligible for other work center opportunities.

When did North Star Community Services start its Brain Injury Program?

In 1987 our center for serving individuals with traumatic brain injury was opened with participants from 13 counties. It continues to welcome people from anywhere in Iowa.

When and why was the name Adults' Care, Inc. changed to Adults Incorporated and then to North Star Community Services?

In 1988 the name was revised to emphasize building the independence of individuals with disabilities. In 2005 the name was changed to North Star Community Services to better reflect our mission to help people reach their "north star" or dream/goals.

Why does North Star Community Services seek donations?

North Star's Board of Directors has determined that our regular income sources do not cover equipment, renovation and repair needs, special projects, or the ability to offer service sponsorships to individuals in need.

Gifts may be sent directly to our home office:
3420 University Ave.
Waterloo, IA 50701-2008

If you choose to give on-line, via credit card visit www.paypal.com

For more funding information, call, write, or e-mail Jodie Muller at North Star Community Services. Ask for our most recent Annual Report. Also, a full audit is available for public inspection at the North Star Community Services Administration Office, 3420 University Avenue, Waterloo, IA.

Are gifts to North Star Community Services tax-deductible?

Yes! North Star Community Services is a tax-exempt 501 (c ) (3) not-for-profit organization. Gifts are tax-deductible to the full extent of the I.R.S. and Iowa law. All gifts will be acknowledged in writing, along with a receipt. In addition, gifts at the $200 level and above will be recognized on a permanent plaque in the agency. Gifts may be sent directly to NORTH STAR COMMUNITY SERVICES, 3420 University Ave., Waterloo, IA 50701-2008.

For donations using a credit card, visit; www.paypal.com.

May I designate my gift to North Star Community Services in honor or in memory of someone? To a specific program?

Yes to both questions! A gift to North Star Community Services IN HONOR of your friend or family member; in celebration of an event, birthday, anniversary; or IN MEMORY of a loved one. )[ read more... ]